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Lent 2017

Here is the Lenten Schedule for Sts. Peter and Paul for 2017. Great Lent Services

Monthly Calendar

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Regular Schedule of Services

8:15am - Matins (O├║trenya, Orthros)

Orthros (also called Matins) is a morning prayer service offered to God in praise of His Holy Name, and usually in preparation for the Divine Liturgy which is often served immediately after the Orthros servic

9:30am - Sunday Divine Liturgy
All Sunday Divine Liturgies are served at 9:30AM.
5:00pm - Great Vespers
Eve of Feast
7:00pm - Festal Vespers

Vespers is a service meaning "evening".  It is a service in preparation to ready ourselves to recieve the Body and Blood of Christ. Please see the weekly bulletin if vespers is scheduled.

9:00am - Holyday Divine Liturgy

Holyday Divine Liturgy is as scheduled. Please view the weekly bulletin for the current schedule of services.

The Church will be open:

The church will be open the following hours: 

Up to 1 hour before Divine Liturgy

Up to 30 mins before the other services, such as Vespers, Matins, etc...

During the Divine Services the church will be open

For about 20 mins after the services end

If you would like time in the church another time please contact Fr. William George at 973.627.1462

Service times are subject to change. Please see the latest bulletin to see if the service time has changed. 

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