Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Christian Church
A Community of the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese
66 Beach Street, Rockaway, New Jersey 07866
Church Renovation

Church Renovation

In 2004, the Parish voted to undertake a 5 year, $100,000 capital campaign to renovate/paint the church interior. After an aggressive $10,000 start-up fundraising effort, the parishioners continue to hold fundraisers and make general monthly donations to work toward this goal.

In 2005, we decided to start and do some work with monies already allocated. Through the generosity of memorial funds, the first item acquired in this renovation was a new, bronze cast, gold plated chandelier from Greece. It replaced the aging crystal chandelier in the center of the church. In November of last year, we moved on to bigger things as you can see in this collection:
  • the five different types of carpeting throughout the altar, nave, vestibule, stairs (office) and choir loft were replaced with a commercial burgundy carpet.
  • the altar area and sacristies were covered with hardwood.
  • the existing pews were removed (sold on eBay to a small church in Texas) and replaced with brand-new pews. The style was modified slightly and the length was shortened to allow for more room on the side aisles.
  • the foot area under the pews was covered in the same hardwood placed in the altar area.
Future Renovations currently planned:
  • exterior repair/restoration of the stained glass windows (Summer 2006).
  • new full-length, icon mural of the 'Communion of the Apostles' (June 2006) to be placed behind altar.
  • new Byzantine Curtain icon to be placed in the altar and nave below the window sill ledges (Fall/Winter 2006)
  • 4 new mini-chandeliers to replace the antique sodium lights in the church nave.
  • enlargement of the priest's sacristy (underway).
  • general electrical repair and cosmetic touch ups.
Click here, if you would like to help us contribute to our goal.

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Hall Renovation

Hall Renovation

In 2004, the parish looked at several ways to produce additional income. It was decided to renovate the existing parish hall into a more elegant facility for banquet/rental use. After months of planning and design, a plan as worked out and implemented in November of 2005. The photos below were taken throughout the contruction.

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Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church
66 Beach Street; Rockaway, NJ 07866 USA
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