Hall Renovation

In 2004, the parish looked at several ways to produce additional income. It was decided to renovate the existing parish hall into a more elegant facility for banquet/rental use. After months of planning and design, a plan as worked out and implemented in November of 2005. The photos below were taken throughout the contruction.
Before shot of the hall prior to construction.
Complete demolition of the ceiling to allow for installation of new electrical & lighting.
New partition to separate ramp/walkway and bathrooms from main hall.
A few days into the project.
Ceiling replaced and highwats installed.
New partition completed.
View from north end of hall to the south.
View from south end of hall to the north.
One-man spackle crew at work.
GC workcrew cutting mouldings and trimwork.
New trimwork in progres.
New focal point at north end of hall to contain mirrors.
Close up of new chair rail.
Detail of doorway trims.
Fypon starburts to be placed over windows.
New custom-made grillwork to allow for proper air return for HVAC system.
View of window work.
New wainscoting trim in progress.